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How the Magento integration works.
How the Magento integration works.
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Heartland Retail's Magento integration will allow you to sync items, inventory quantities, orders, and invoices to and from Magento versions 1.3.X to 1.9.X. We allow you to sync not just inventory quantities, but full item records either from Magento to Heartland Retail, saving your valuable data entry time. You can make inventory from all stores (or only some, if you wish) available to sell online. And once orders come in, you're able to use Heartland Retail for order fulfillment or use an external fulfillment system if you wish.

Where is the Magento integration?

The Magento integration is visible under Settings -> Integrations -> Magento.

To start setting up your integration, click the "Magento" link on that page.

1) Create an XML-RPC user on Magento

To allow the integration to read and write information, you will first need to create an XML-RPC user on your Magento account.

  1. From the Magento admin portal, go to System -> Web Services -> SOAP/XML-RPC - Users.

  2. Click the add new user button and fill out the form. The Username and API key that you enter on this form will be the details you enter into Heartland Retail when establishing the connection.

  3. Click save user.

Note: The username and api key you create here will be used on the Heartland Retail integration page.

Once the user is created you will need to give it all necessary permissions. To do this we need to create a role to assign your user to.

  1. From the Magento admin portal, go to System -> Web Services -> SOAP/XML-RPC - Roles, and select add new role.

  2. Enter SR for the role name and enter your administrator password then click save role.

  3. Click role resources and change the resource access to all.

  4. Click save role.

Assign the user to that newly created role.

  1. From the Magento admin portal, go to System -> Web Services -> SOAP/XML-RPC - Users.

  2. Select the user you created.

  3. Click user role.

  4. Select the role SR.

  5. Click save user.

2) Enter credentials on Magento integration page

From within Heartland Retail you can now navigate to Settings -> Integrations -> Magento and click "Add a Magento Website".

You will now want to enter your information into the appropriate fields to connect. Store URL should only be the site name, e.g. would be entered as

Enter the username and password you created on the previous setp.

Once the information has been entered, click the Connect button. If the information was entered correctly, you will see a connection saved notification and some additional tabs should be displayed.

3) Configure your integration settings

We have broken down this process into several smaller guides to make sure we give you all the necessary information for each section. We recommend following the guide in the order below to make sure everything is configured in the proper order.

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