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Shopify error: "Can only capture successful authorizations"
Shopify error: "Can only capture successful authorizations"
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While attempting to complete an invoice against a Shopify order, you may notice an error stating that you can only capture successful authorizations.

What causes this error?

You may see this error for one of two reasons.

1) If the order has been fulfilled on Shopify prior to being completed on Heartland Retail you will see this error. Once the order syncs from Shopify to Heartland Retail, the fulfillment and invoicing process needs to happen within Heartland Retail.

2) You may also see this error if your payment settings on Shopify are set to manually capture payments. With the manual payment option on Shopify, they only allow one single charge against the successful authorization. This means if an order is partially filled, the customer will be charged the amount of that invoice and the authorization for the rest of the funds on the order will be lost.

How do I prevent this from happening?

We recommend changing your payment settings on Shopify to automatically capture payments for orders. This will cause the customer to be charged immediately at the time of placing their order. You will then be able to break the order up into multiple invoices to partially fulfill the order without any issues.

You can change this setting by logging in to your Shopify admin page and navigating to Settings -> Payments -> Payment Authorization and changing the option to automatic.

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