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How can I set up an employee discount?
How can I set up an employee discount?
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To set up an employee discount in Heartland Retail, just follow these steps:

Navigate to Settings > Custom Fields and create a new custom field on your customer record called "Is Employee?":

Make your custom field a pick from a list field with the following two options: "Yes" and "No," as shown above.

Once you have saved your new custom field, you then need to navigate to Sales > Promotions to set up a new promotion rule for the employee discount:

A few notes about your promotion rule:

  • Leave the End Date blank to ensure that the employee discount promotion will run forever (or until you turn it off).

  • Set the rank of the promotion rule to "1" to ensure that it is applied before any other promotions, ensuring that employees always get their employee discount. (The lower the rank, the higher priority of the promotion rule. Learn more here.)

  • Add a condition, as shown above, to specify that this promotion is only valid when the "Is Employee?" field is set to "Yes" on the customer record.

  • Add an action, as shown above, to specify the discount amount applied for the employee discount.

Your employee discount custom field and promotion rule have successfully been created. Now, at the POS, when checking out an employee, simply set the "Is Employee?" field on their customer record to "Yes" in order for the discount to be applied automatically.

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