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How do I bring my item quantities into Shopify?
How do I bring my item quantities into Shopify?
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So you've set up your Shopify account and now you're wondering how to get your inventory quantities over from Heartland Retail. Your item quantities will sync automatically under the following conditions:

Each product in Shopify must:

  • Have the SKU field exactly match the text in Heartland Retail's "Item #" field for that item. This is how we connect the Shopify item to the corresponding item in Heartland Retail.

  • Have Heartland Retail set as the Fulfillment service.

  • Have the Inventory policy field set to "Heartland Retail tracks inventory".

Once these conditions are met, your inventory quantities will automatically sync between Heartland Retail and Shopify.

If at any point in the future your items do not sync, check to make sure the Shopify SKU and Heartland Retail Item # match exactly. 

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