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Importing items and PO's simultaneously
Importing items and PO's simultaneously
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For a general overview of how to import data into Heartland Retail, please read the How to import data (items, POs, customers, etc.) into Heartland Retail article from our Help Center.

Heartland Retail's Purchase Order import tool allows you to both create item records and PO records simultaneously using a single data file.

As with our other imports, this import is not template-specific, so you can upload your file and columns in any order that you would like and you can then map the fields in your spreadsheet to the fields in Heartland Retail, as shown above. A template is provided on the import page for convenience.

A few notes about importing items/PO's simultaneously:

  • Using the Import PO as a dropdown, you are able to choose whether or not to import the PO's into "Pending" status or directly into the "Open" status.

  • The Use PO Line Unit Cost to create/update Item Default Cost checkbox allows you to import a single column from your spreadsheet that can serve as both the PO Line Unit Cost and the Item Default Cost. If you uncheck this box, you will need to import a separate column for the Item Default Cost in addition to a column for the PO Line Unit Cost.

  • The Use PO Vendor to create/update Item Primary Vendor checkbox allows you to indicate whether or not the PO Vendor specified on the spreadsheet should be created/updated as the item's Primary Vendor. If unchecked, no change will be made to the item's Primary Vendor.

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