Creating a New Vendor
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This document outlines the procedure for entering a new vendor in Heartland Retail.

Getting Started

To access vendors in Heartland Retail, follow these steps:

In the top navigation menu of Heartland Retail dashboard, hover over the “Purchasing” link. In the drop down list, click on "Vendors".

This will bring you to the Vendors page.

Creating a New Vendor

Click the "New' button. This will bring you to the New Vendor page.

Type in the vendor’s name in the “Name” cursor box.

A Vendor Number will be assigned by Heartland Retail upon adding the vendor; you may leave this field blank. If you have a number or short ID for a vendor, you could list it here. You do not have to enter a number. This vendor number is used in some of the reporting in Heartland Retail. For example, if you export items, the Vendor # will show up as "Vendor Id". We suggest you consider inputting a vendor ID in the vendor # field. Perhaps the first three letters of the vendor name.

If the vendor is currently used in the company, select “Active”.

Click the “Save” button.

You have successfully added a vendor.

Primary Contact Information

Once you have added a vendor you can fill in the information about the “Primary Contact” of the vendor. Fill out the various shown fields as it makes sense for your company. This is a place to visit for Vendor Contact Information. NOTE: Currently you must enter all of the fields on the vendor primary contact information screen in order to save this information.

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