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Assigning Bin Locations
Assigning Bin Locations
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This document outlines the procedure for assigning and updating bin locations in the Heartland Retail. The purpose of bin location is to help you locate back stock quickly and efficiently. There are two ways you can update bin locations: (1) assign a bin location to a group of items or (2) assign a location to individual items.

Assigning Bins To A Group Of Items

  1. In the top navigation menu, hover over the "Inventory" link and choose "Items.

  2. To assign a bin location to an entire size run of items, enter the style number (i.e. “93456”) and attribute code (i.e. “117”) into the search box.

  3. To select all items on the page, click the checkbox in the header row. Once you have selected lines, the “Assign Bin Location” button appears at the top of the table.

  4. Click the “Assign Bin Location” button.

    Note: All items that are highlighted on the table will be given the same bin location that you specify. Only select a group of items together if they are all going in the same bin!

  5. Type in the bin location you wish to place these items in.

  6. Click the “Assign Bin Location” button to save the bin location.

The popup will close and a green success message will display.

  1. To deselect the items, click the checkbox in the header row of the table.

  2. To view the bin location you just assigned, click on one of the items.

The bin location is displayed in the “Inventory On Hand” table on the item record.
You have successfully binned a group of items.

Assigning A Bin Location to a Single Item

1. In the top navigation menu, click the Inventory link.

This will bring you to the Items page.

2. Scan the item into the “Search” box or search for an item.

After you scan an item, Heartland Retail will bring you to the item record.

3. Scroll down to the “Inventory On Hand” table in the middle of the item record.

To assign a bin location for this item, click directly into the “Bin Location” cell that belongs to your store.

4. Type in the desired bin location and press the “Enter” key.

A green checkmark will appear, indicating that the bin location was successfully assigned. You have successfully assigned a bin location to a single item.

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