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LAN/Ethernet Receipt Printer Troubleshooting: iPad
LAN/Ethernet Receipt Printer Troubleshooting: iPad
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Receipts aren't printing on your iPad and you are using a LAN/Ethernet printer with the Heartland Retail App? Follow these steps below:

1. Restart the Heartland Retail App

The first thing you will want to try is simply closing the Heartland Retail App and then re-opening it. To do this you will double press the home button quickly. This will bring up the App Switcher. From here you just swipe up on the image of the Heartland Retail App. You can then re-open the app by pressing on the icon from your home screen.

2. Restart your iPad

Sometimes there can be other processes working under the hood on your iPad that may interfere with communication between your device and the printer. To restart the iPad, press and hold on the power button and the home button at the same time for approximately 10 seconds. The device will then power off completely and after about 5-10 seconds you can press the power button to turn it back on.

3. Verify the receipt printer and the iPad are on the same network

From your iPad, go to the Apple iPad Settings from your home screen. Press on Wi-Fi along the left bar. You should then see the wireless network you are connected to displayed at the top. Press the blue i with a circle around it to go to the details page, you should now see IP Address. Take note of the first three groups of numbers ex. 192.168.1

On your receipt printer, you will need to print a network configuration report

  1. Flip the power switch on the side of the printer off

  2. Hold down the FEED button on the front of the printer

  3. While continuing to hold the FEED button down, flip the power switch on

  4. The lights should flash for a few seconds and then two pages should print out with a cut between them.

  5. You can now release the FEED button.

The second page printed should resemble the image below (though the actual numbers will vary.) Your printer should have an IP address under the "Current IP Parameters Status" section (circled in green below). If the IP Address is " (Didn't obtain)" it indicates a problem with the connection between your printer and your local network router or switch. Check the cabling and try again.

Compare the two IP Addresses, both of the first three groups of numbers should be the same. If they are not that means the two devices are on different networks. Verify that your computer is connected to the same router as the receipt printer and try again. If you are still experiencing an issue with being on different networks, we recommend contacting your network administrator or internet provider for assistance.

4. Re-install the Heartland Retail App

From your iPads home screen, press and hold on the Heartland Retail icon. After a few seconds the icon will begin to shake and an X will appear on the icon. Press this X and then confirm that you would like to remove the app. After it has been removed you can reinstall it by either searching the App Store for Heartland Retail or clicking this link from the iPad.

5. Set the correct printer in Heartland Retail

From within Heartland Retail, navigate to the Point of Sale and click the menu button in the top left corner, then click Settings.

This will load a window that allows you to select your receipt printer. If you have a LAN/Ethernet printer, it will be displayed with an IP Address such as Star TCP ( If it is a USB printer it will be displayed as the printers name such as STAR_TSP143__STR_T_001_ or Star TSP 100 Cutter.

Once you select your printer, you should see a green notification on screen notifying you of your printer change. If you do not see a notification, select the blank line at the top of the list, then select the correct one again.

Help! My receipt printer is still not working.

If you have followed all of the troubleshooting steps outlined above and you are still having an issue, please send us an email at and we can assist you.

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