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Resolving a Discrepant Transfer
Resolving a Discrepant Transfer
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This document outlines the procedure for resolving a discrepant transfer in Heartland Retail.

Getting Started

To access your transfers, follow these steps:

  1. In the top navigation menu, click the "Inventory" link.

  2. In the top secondary navigation menu, click the "Transfers" link.

This will bring you to the Transfers page.

Resolving Discrepant Transfers

  1. Search for the transfer you would like to resolve by typing in the transfer number in the "Search" field OR by selecting the appropriate "Ship From" and "Ship To" locations in the dropdown fields

  2. Click on the transfer number you would like to resolve.

This will take you to the page for the transfer you want to resolve. The "Discrepancies" tab will show discrepancies from this transfer, i.e. - "Greater quantity received than expected" or "Lesser quantity received than expected"

  1. To resolve the discrepant items, click "Resolve" next to the discrepant item line.

You are now going to indicate how this transfer should be resolved.

  1. Confirm that the discrepant quantity and reason are accurate.


By selecting "physically received, shipping location didn't scan during shipment", you are adjusting the discrepant quantity out of the shipping location and into the receiving location's inventory.

By selecting "not physically received, accidentally overscanned on the receipt", you are adjusting the discrepant quantity into the shipping location, and out of the receiving location's inventory.

  1. Click "Resolve".

You have now resolved the transfer.

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