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Does my hardware use USB or a LAN/Ethernet connection
Does my hardware use USB or a LAN/Ethernet connection
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Most receipt and label printers are available with either a USB or a LAN/Ethernet connection option. Some printers even have both options! If you have a device with both options, we recommend using the LAN/Ethernet configuration for the best experience.

How can I tell which connection I have?


LAN/Ethernet printer plugs in to your store's wireless router using an ethernet cable (image below). The connectors are the same RJ45 head on both sides of the cable. This cable is often referred to as a Cat 5e cable, ethernet cable, or network cable.


A USB printer plugs in directly to your computer using a standard USB A-B Cable (image below). In the picture below, the left side connects to your computer, while the right side connects to the back of your printer. This cable is referred to as a USB printer cable or a USB A-B cable.

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