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How to Create a Returns Report
How to Create a Returns Report

Report on returns by location, item, and more

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It's easy to view your customer returns using Heartland Retail's reporting feature. We'll start with a simple returns by location report, then describe how to add more detail, like items. Here's how:

First, go to Reporting >> Analysis and build a report with the following settings:

Filters - Choose the date range you'd like to report on, for instance, Month to Date.

Groups - Select "Location >> Name".

Metrics - Select "Source Sales >> Gross Returns" and "Source Sales >> Gross Qty Returned".

You will now see a report of dollars and items returned during the time period you specified, broken down by location. In order to save the report to use again, click the "Save" button in the upper right corner.

To add item level detail, simply go back to the Groups tab and select whichever item groups you want to see. We recommend Item # and Item Description at minimum. You'll also want to go to the Options tab and de-select "Include subtotals" so you get one line per result.
If you'd like to see a comparison with other time periods, go to the Compare tab and select up to three more time periods. If you'd like to see returns broken down by customer or vendor, you can add those on the Groups tab.

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