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How to set up your Management One integration
How to set up your Management One integration
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Heartland Retail has a built-in integration with Management One, a retail inventory and merchandise planning company. This article explains how you need to set up your locations and items to work with the integration and what you need to do to deliver your Heartland Retail data to Management One.

Setting up locations

When you create new locations in Heartland Retail, in addition to Location Name you are able to assign your own Location Number. Management One would prefer if you could use the following format for your Location Number: "1," "2," "3," etc.

Note: For the Management One integration to work, you need to confirm with your Management One contact that the Location Numbers in Heartland Retail match the Locations Numbers Management One uses. If these do not match you will get errors with the integration. 

Setting up items

As you know, you are able to create custom fields within Heartland Retail, which allow you to report on your items in many different ways.

If you're a Management One customer, you should work with your Management One contact and create a Class Structure for your products. You will then need to create a custom field called "Class Code" for that Class Structure in Heartland Retail. We recommend that you turn on the "Required" switch for this field, as that will force you to enter a Class Code on all items you create. Also, you will need to select the "Pick from a list" option in the Allowed Values field and enter the following class codes provided by your Management One contact. For example, your values might be as follows:


These class codes will relate to class code names. Your class code structure may look something like below.

Note:This is just an example, your bottoms may not be class code 160. 

For your own internal reporting and informational purposes, you might also find it helpful to define your classes in Heartland Retail by creating a "Class Name" custom field in Heartland Retail. Same as above, we recommend that you turn on the "Required" switch, as that will force you to enter a Class Name on all items you create. Also, you will need to select the "Pick from a list" option in the Allowed Values field and enter the following values (as an example):

110 Tops
120 Tanks & Tees
130 Casual Dresses
140 Dressy Dresses
150 Denim
160 Bottoms
170 Sweaters
180 Jackets & Coats
210 Accessories
220 Jewelry
230 Jewelry - Consignment
240 Service
UNCL Unclassified

Exporting the .txt file

When it comes time to generate a file to send to your Management One affiliate, you need to go to Settings > Integrations and click on the Management One link.

That will bring you to this page:

On this page, you need to:

  1. Enter your Management One client ID into the "Client ID" field. You can get this number from your Management One contact. You only need to do this once. We'll remember it for future use.

  2. Enter the date range you wish to export. Typically, you would export the past month's data on the first day of the following month. For example, June data would be exported on July 1 by entering the date range as shown above.

  3. In the "OTB Class Field," you need to select the Class Code custom field you created. This must be the field with the class code list (not the names) from the Class Structure agreed upon with your Management One contact.

Once you have followed these steps, you will be able to export a .txt file and deliver it to your Management One affiliate. The file can be emailed.

Common Errors With the Upload to Management One

The most common errors Management One Receives when importing .txt file exported from Heartland Retail are:

  1. There is no 'class code' on an item. By making this custom field required, you should eliminate this error.

  2. Location numbers in Heartland Retail do not match Location Numbers that Management one uses.

  3. Class codes are not accurate. They are typically 3 digits but they can be alpha and more or less than 3 digits. Whatever they are, they need to match the Class Codes your Management One provided.

Additional Other Notes About The Integration

  1. Pending Purchase Orders are not exported as part of the Management One export. Only open PO metrics are. 

If you have any questions or trouble, don't hesitate to ask us at

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