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How to handle test products in Heartland Retail
How to handle test products in Heartland Retail
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You may have some items in your inventory that are used as "testers" that should not be reflected in the item's quantity on hand/available. This is common with fragrances or lotions where you allow a customer to sample a product, meaning the item is no longer sellable. Heartland Retail makes it easy to account for these test products while still allowing you to track the cost.

Handling the inventory

  1. From within Heartland Retail, navigate to Settings -> Reason Codes -> Inventory Adjustment Reasons

  2. Click the Add button to create a new reason such as "Test Product"

  3. You can then receive in the item from the vendor just like any other using a PO to account for the cost and inventory.

  4. Then navigate to Inventory -> Adjustments and click New to make an inventory adjustment to remove the test products from your inventory.

You can report on these adjustments by building a report that shows the Inventory Adjustment Reason and this will allow you to see the cost for all of your test products.

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