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How to adjust inventory on an inactive location
How to adjust inventory on an inactive location

and clearing out inventory at a location!

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If an inactive location has inventory that you would like to adjust, you will first need to make that location temporarily active.

To accomplish this, log in to your Heartland Retail account and go to Settings.

On the settings page, select locations along the left bar and check the box for include inactive.

You will then need to select the location that you would like to make active and then use the selector at the top to change from Disabled to Active and then click Save.

From there you are able to adjust your inventory by doing an adjustment or a physical count. To learn more about those features take a look at the following articles that can be found in our Help Center.

How to clear out inventory at a location:

Creating a Count to remove all item quantities

1.) Navigate to Inventory > Counts in the top navigation menu.

2.) Click the “New" button to start a new count.

3.) Click the "Set" link to choose the location you are clearing out.

4.) Select the reason you want to use for the count.

Note: Adjustment reasons are customizable. We recommend that you create an adjustment reason called "Physical Count."

5.) Select either the Full Count option.

6.) Click the "Save" button to move on to the next step.

Next, you'll need to click the "Start Counting" button.

After you click the "Start Counting" button and confirm "Yes, start counting", the status of the count will change from "Pending" to "Counting."

7.) Once the count is started, simply click "Done counting"  

Click select "Yes, I am done"

Once the count is completed you'll need to approve the count by clicking "Accept count" and then confirming that the count is done here:

Once that's completed the inventory quantity at that location will be changed to zero for all item!

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