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Why do some of my items contain size/color and others don't?
Why do some of my items contain size/color and others don't?
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You may notice that some of your items have size and color included such as "Elsa Top - Blue - M" where others just show the item name "Elsa Top".

In Heartland Retail, we give you the ability to customize your description for any items created from an Import or from using the New button on our Inventory -> Items page. We recommend including any important information that you need displayed on either your printed receipts or labels to be added to the item description. The contents of the description field are displayed throughout our application which is why we recommend adding color and size or any other important attributes to your items.

When creating items in Heartland Retail using our Grids feature, we automatically build the descriptions for you using a concatenation of your item description and each dimension that is set. That is why you may notice some items created with a Grid have a full description, where other items that were manually created do not.

Can I automatically build the item descriptions used for an import?

Yes! Excel and other spreadsheet software typically have a function built in to assist with concatenation. Here is a guide on how to use the formula with Excel:

Assuming your item description (Elsa Top) is in A2, the color(Blue) is in B2, and the size(M) is in C2, your formula should look something like this:

=CONCATENATE( A2, " - ", B2, " - ", C2) Which would result in Elsa Top - Blue - M

It is important to note that you may have issues with that formula if not all items have a color and a size. In that case you would need to build a more advanced formula custom tailored to your specific use case.

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