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Tax Overrides in the POS and Sales Orders
Tax Overrides in the POS and Sales Orders
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Taxes can be applied automatically both in the POS and in Sales Orders, though you may occasionally want to override computed tax with custom amounts.

Point of Sale

If you have added an item to a ticket in the point of sale and want to adjust or remove the tax follow the following steps.

  1. Click the “Tax” button in the top right of the window

A “Manage Tax” dialog will appear. The window will show you the current ticket tax total amount. You can choose to remove all tax or set a new tax amount.

To Remove All Tax

  1. Click the “Remove All Tax” button.

You will be taken back to the ticket and see a newly added line called “Tax Adjustment” subtracting the total ticket tax amount.You have successfully removed all tax from the ticket!

To Set a New Tax Amount

  1. Enter the new tax amount in the “$0.00” text field.

  2. Click the “Set Tax Amount” button

You will be taken back to the ticket and see a newly added line called “Tax Adjustment” changing the ticket amount to the new tax amount you entered. You have successfully edited the tax amount on the ticket!

Sales Orders

If you need to override tax on a Sales Order, you can use the Tax button to add a percentage or fixed amount. Just follow the simple steps below.

Important: This feature is intended to be used before payment is taken - in other words, while the order is still in Pending status. Although you can add tax to an open Sales Order, you will need to collect payment from the customer and may inadvertently create a situation where the order cannot be fulfilled.

First, create a new Sales Order. After you add items and shipping charges, click the Tax button on the right hand side.

In the resulting dialog, you will have the following options:

  • Add tax as a percentage of the total sale.

  • Add tax as a fixed dollar amount.

  • Remove all tax.

Choose the option that best suits your needs. Please note, you will need to know the amount of tax you want to add - or the tax rate for the applicable jurisdiction.

If you're adding tax to the order, enter either the percentage or amount you'd like to apply. Both fields will populate no matter which one you fill complete. In other words, if you enter a percentage, the tax dollars box will show the amount charged. If you enter a dollar amount, the percentage box will display the resulting tax rate. Once you've entered the correct amount, click Set Tax Amount to apply it to the Sales Order.

Any taxes applied to an order will show up as a line item in the Taxes section of the order, as seen below. The description for these taxes will always be Tax Adjustment.

You can report on taxes collected using the metric, Sales Tax >> Net Amount Collected, as described in this article.

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