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Changing the Source of a Sale
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This document outlines the procedure for changing the source of a sale on a transaction in the Heartland Retail POS.

Why Change the Source?

Here's an example: let's say that you have multiple stores, and a customer purchases an item in Store 1 but brings it back to Store 2 for a return. When processing the ticket in Store 2, if you don't change the source of the ticket to Store 1, the ticket amount would be subtracted from Store 2's net sales. Really, you want Store 1's net sales to decrease as a result of the return, not Store 2's, because the customer purchased the item in Store 1.

To put it simply: changing the source on a ticket (or a sales order) allows you to determine who gets credit for the sale/return.

Getting Started

To access Heartland Retail POS, follow these steps:

  1. In the top navigation menu in Heartland Retail, click the “Point of Sale” link.

This will bring you to the Point of Sale page

Changing the Source

  1. In the top left of the POS page, click the “Ticket” button.

  2. Using the drop down menu under “Source Location,” select the source you want to use for the ticket.

By selecting an alternative source location, you are giving that alternative location "credit" for the sale. The next transaction will automatically revert the source of the ticket back to your physical location.

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