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Updating items in bulk via the import feature
Updating items in bulk via the import feature
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If you would like to make edits to all of your items at once, for example you may have added a new custom field, you have the ability to do that in Heartland Retail. The steps to do this are listed below:

1. In the top navigation menu, click on "Inventory." This will bring you to a page of all of your items.

2. Click the check box in the header row of the items, next to the "#" sign. Then click to select all the rows across all pages, and export the items. These buttons are all outlined in red in the following image.

3. Your items will then export into a CSV file. Item numbers will export into scientific notation, change them into a number by highlighting all item numbers, clicking "format" in the top menu bar of excel, then click "cell" and change the format to a number (with no decimal places).

4. Make any necessary edits and add any new information. Then save the file.

5. Re-import the file and the changes will be successfully updated.

Read about how to import items here

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