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What is the difference between original price and current price?
What is the difference between original price and current price?
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When you create an item in Heartland Retail, you will see two fields for price: Original Price and Current Price. The purpose of this field is to allow you to take permanent markdowns on your inventory without creating promotion rules.

The Original Price of the item is intended to be its MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price). Current Price is is used when you want to mark down the price of your inventory.

You can take a permanent markdown on your item if you set its Current Price to be lower than its Original Price. For example, if you were to sell the item in the screenshot above, it would record a $50 markdown and would be represented on the customer's receipt as a $50 savings.

If you don't wish to distinguish between Original Price and Current Price, you can leave the Original Price field blank and Heartland Retail will assume that your Current Price is the same as your Original Price (and will not automatically apply a markdown). You can also set Original Price and Current Price to be the same and the same effect will be applied.

If you leave both the Original Price and Current Price fields blank on the item, you will be prompted to enter prices at the POS at the time of sale.

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