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Automatically reorder inventory with reorder points and target quantities
Automatically reorder inventory with reorder points and target quantities
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If there are items in your inventory that you are constantly reordering, you can set up reorder points (quantity at which you will reorder) and target quantities (how many you want to have on hand) for each location on the item. This allows you to auto-add items to a Purchase Order that have quantities on hand that are at or below their reorder point.

To set this up:

  1. Navigate to "Inventory" in the top navigation menu and click the "Items" link.

  2. Search for the item you would like to set up for reorder and select.

  3. At the bottom of the item record, you will see a tab called "Inventory Details" with two columns called "Reorder Point" and "Target Qty."

  4. Hover over either of these of fields to edit the quantities. Reorder Point is at what quantity you want the item to be added to a Purchase Order (minimum OH) or the quantity at which you should reorder. Target Quantity is how many you always want on hand.

Note: you can also update target quantities and reorder points in bulk using our item import feature.

When creating a new Purchase Order, you will see a button that says "Auto Add."

Items that you have set up with reorder points and target quantities will automatically appear here if the item's current quantity on hand and quantity on purchase order is equal to or less than the item's reorder point in the Purchase Order receive at location.

Note: an item must have at least one vendor set in order for the auto-add functionality to go into effect. Auto-adding of quantities is based on the vendors that the item is available to order from.

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