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How to import gift cards and store credits into Heartland Retail
How to import gift cards and store credits into Heartland Retail
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You may have issued gift cards or store credits with your old POS system and are now wondering how to redeem them in Heartland Retail.

Export data from old POS

You will need to get a list of your gift cards and their current balance from your previous POS system. All you will need is the gift card number that you enter into the POS, and the current card balance that the customer has left to use.

Create adjustment reason

Since you may need to modify gift card balances for multiple reasons, Heartland Retail gives you the ability to specify different adjustment reasons. You will need to create one to help identify the import such as "Initial Gift Card Import". To create this reason "Name", from within Heartland Retail, navigate to Settings -> Reason Codes -> Gift Card Adjustment Reasons. Select New to create a reason code and enter the name you chose and a description to help you identify that reason, then click Save.

Importing the data to Heartland Retail

From within Heartland Retail, navigate to Sales -> Gift Cards, and click the Import button. From here you will see the ability to download a template to help make the import easier. Download the template and open it in your preferred spreadsheet software. Enter your gift card numbers, balances, and the reason code into the spreadsheet, then save the file.

You can now click the Browse button to select that spreadsheet from your computer, then click Upload. This will bring you to a mapping page where you can verify you have the correct file and that the columns are mapped to the correct field. Once you have verified everything looks alright, you can go ahead and click complete import.

Note that for the gift card numbers you are importing, the amount or balance you import will be the resulting balance, not necessarily the adjustment amount if the gift card has a balance in Heartland Retail already.

Once your import has finished, the gift cards should be ready to be redeemed!

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