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Distributing Sales Orders
Distributing Sales Orders
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This document outlines the procedure for distributing a sales order for fulfillment in Heartland Retail.

Getting Started

  • In the top navigation menu of the homepage, click the “Sales” then "Orders." This will bring you to the Sales Orders page.

  • Click the “Distribute” button on the Sales Orders page.

  • This will bring you to the “Sales Orders: Distribute” page, which displays all orders containing at least one line without a ship from warehouse set.

Distributing Order Lines

  • You will then click on the order number link on the left side of the order line

  • This will take you to the order page for that specific order

  • Each item line, has a "ship from" drop down menu listing all your locations and their inventory for the selected item. This is where you will choose which location the item will be sent from

  • Push "save"

Note: If no warehouses are available to select, this means that the item is not available anywhere. Once the order has been opened, it will appear on the “Sales Order: Fulfill” page of any warehouse that you distributed all or a portion of the order to.

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