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Magento: Syncing Inventory Values
Magento: Syncing Inventory Values
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Once you have set up your item sync and mapped your fields, you are ready to begin syncing inventory values. If you have not yet set up your item sync, please review this article here: Magento: Configuring Item Sync

From the Magento integration page, you can select the Inventory tab to configure inventory qty sync settings. By default this setting is off, that means you are in charge of managing your inventory values on both Heartland Retail and Magento separately. If you would like to have Heartland Retail inventory qty's synced to Magento you can turn it on.

After turning on the sync, the initial sync will begin within an hour and you will see the values begin changing on Magento. Once the sync has been completed, we will instantly sync any inventory adjustments such as sales orders being filled, POS tickets, or physical counts.

When the sync is enabled, you have the option to sync inventory from all locations combined, or by turning that off you can select specific locations.

If you are planning to distribute your orders to all of your locations for fulfilment you will want to leave the all locations sync enabled. For example if you have three locations and an item that has 2 in stock per store, we would sync over 6 as the available qty to Magento.

For those that have a specific warehouse location for online inventory or perhaps want to fill orders only to certain locations. You will want to change the option for sync inventory from all locations to no. You then will be able to select the add location button and specify the location who's inventory you would like synced. This process can be repeated to add multiple locations.

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