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This document outlines the procedure for creating a promotion within Heartland Retail.

What is a Promotion and Why would your business benefit from implementing them?

A sales promotion is a retailing plan where the product is promoted using short-term incentives to increase a product(s) demand and increase sales.

The reason promotions are an excellent strategy in a retail business is:

  • To introduce new and exciting products to your customers

  • To sell out existing or slow-moving inventories

  • To increase customer volume

  • To boost sales over the short term.

Getting Started

To create a new promotion, follow these steps:

  1. In the top navigation menu, click the “Sales” link.

  2. In the top secondary menu, click the “Promotions” link.

This will bring you to the Promotion page.

Creating a New Promotion

  1. Click the “New” button. This will bring you to the New Promotion page.

  2. Enter a descriptive name for the promotion you are creating in the “Name” field. Note: This promotion name will be displayed on customer receipts.

  3. Select a start and end date for the promotion. The promotion will only be applied within these dates. Also, if you want the promotion to go on indefinitely, you can leave the "End Date" field blank.

  4. Enter a rank.

    Important: All promotions are exclusive of each other. When items are sold at the POS, the first promotion rule to match will be the one and only rule that is applied to that item.

    For this reason, promotions need to be ranked in order of importance, especially if you have multiple promotions happening at once. The lower the number the higher the importance.

Here's an example of what your new promotion might look like:

Adding Conditions

Conditions are a way of filtering promotions. To add a condition:

  1. Click the "Add" link.

  2. Choose an option for the dropdown that you would like to filter this promotion on.

    For example, you can set a condition to choose which location to apply the promotion to. You can also use conditions to target customers or customer custom fields. You can also create a condition to specify the minimum total spend or total qty on a ticket that needs to be met before the promotion is applied.

Adding Actions

Actions are the effect that gets applied when the promotion is applied. To add actions:

  1. Choose an action from the dropdown.

    For example, with actions, you can specify: (1) a percentage off or dollar amount off a specific item, (2) a fixed price per item or (3) a buy one, get one free promotion, (4) buy a certain amount of a vendor, automatically get a free item.

  2. Once you choose an action, you can add filters so that you can narrow down the type of promotion to a specific item or group of items. Click the “Filter” link to add a filter on the items receiving the promotion.

  3. For instance, if you would like to filter by a specific vendor, you would select "Primary Vendor" is and then select the vendor(s) you would like to apply the action.

Once you have configured the promotion rule to your liking, you can save your changes by clicking the "Save" button.

Activating Promotions

All promotions, by default, will start as "Paused" when you create them so that you can edit them freely without worrying that the promotion will be applied while you are creating it. Once you are ready to activate the promotion, click the "Start" button.

Congratulations! Your promotion is now live and will be applied in the POS.

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