This document outlines the procedure for issuing a gift card in Heartland Retail's POS.

Issuing a Gift Card

From the main POS screen:

1. Click the “Gift Card” button

The Gift Card dialog box will pop up.

2. Scan or type in the new gift card number into the “Number” field.

3. Click "Continue."

If the gift card has an existing balance, that will be reflected in this pop up.

Gift cards can be reloaded as many times as you like, using the add funds button on the bottom left.

If the gift card doesn't have an existing balance, then the following screen will look like this:

4. Enter the amount you wish to issue onto the gift card into the “Amounts” field

5. Click the “Add Funds” button.

6. A line item will appear in the point of sale. Tender the ticket as you normally would and the gift card will be issued with the new balance.

You have successfully issued a new gift card.


Additionally, you can use a gift card as a tendering option. When you are ready to check-out:

1. Click on the Tender button at the bottom of your POS.

2. Select Gift Card

3. Type in, swipe, or scan in the gift card number. You will then be shown a balance.

4. Enter the amount you wish to use on the gift card

5. Click add funds

You will now see the payment method of a gift card listed as well as the card number used. You are free to complete the ticket.


Want to modify the balance of a gift card outside of the POS? Check out this article about gift card adjustments.


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