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Sales Plans: How to create and view them
Sales Plans: How to create and view them
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The dashboard widget below reflects your current sales, sales plan and current % to goal:

The widget will only appear on the sales dashboard if there is plan data for the location on that day.

By clicking on the 'Sales vs. Plan' widget, you can toggle between 'Sales vs. Plan' and 'Sales vs. Last Year', when sales plans are used.

Creating a new sales plan

To create a new sales plan:

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Sales Plans.

  2. Click the "New" button.

  3. On the resulting popup, enter the store location, the plan amount, and the date of your plan. Then click "Save."

This will add the newly created sales plan to your list and automatically add the widget to your dashboard on the date specified.

Once you have created sales plans, you will see them displayed by date and location on the Sales Plans page, as shown below:

Importing sales plans in bulk

To import sales plans in bulk, navigate to Settings -> Sales Plans -> Import.

From this page you can download an Excel or CSV template or browse for a file if you have created one yourself. You will need to specify the location name, sales plan, and the date for the plan. Once you have put together your spreadsheet, you can upload it and your new sales plans will be listed. Heartland Retail expects a header row and will remove them automatically.

Note: If you import plans for locations that already have plans for the selected dates, those plans will be automatically overwritten.

Updating existing plans

To update an existing plan you can just create a new plan for the same date and location and you will be prompted to overwrite the existing plan.

Deleting a sales plan

If you have set an incorrect amount or would like to remove a sales plan, you can check the box next to the sales plan on the "Sales Plans" page. This will display a "Delete Selected Lines" button which you can use to remove the select sales plans. You are then free to create a new plan for that day or leave it empty if you do not have a goal for that specific date.

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