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Heartland Retail allows you to place several items on a layaway ticket that will allow the customer to make periodic payments until they can pay the total due. While a layaway is open, the inventory for that item will be committed to the ticket to prevent your inventory levels from showing more items than you have. Using layaways are very similar to creating a standard POS ticket, we will cover the process below.

Enable Layaways

The first step will be to make sure the layaway feature in turned on and ready to be used. Start by navigating from the Heartland Retail dashboard to Settings -> POS. From here, switch the "Accept Layaways" option to "Yes."

Creating a Layaway

To create a layaway in a ticket in the Heartland Retail POS follow these simple steps

1. Select the ☰ button in the top left corner of the POS.

2. Choose the New Layaway button

3. Add the customer and set the sales rep for the layaway ticket just as you would on a normal POS ticket.

4. Add the items that the customer would like to place on layaway as you would on a standard POS ticket. You can either scan the items, enter the item number, or find an item.

5. Once all items have been added to the layaway ticket your layaway will be in a pending status. While in pending, the inventory has not yet been reserved for this layaway.

6. You can now take a deposit towards this layaway to mark the ticket as open and commit the inventory to this sale. To do this select the Add Deposit button at the bottom.

7. Add the customers payment to the ticket, they can pay any amount to open the ticket using their preferred method of payment.

8. Once a payment has been added the layaway will now show as open, and the deposits made will be displayed in the payment section. If automatic receipt printing is turned on, we will also print an itemized receipt listing all deposits and the remaining balance due each time a payment is added.

When taking a payment on a layaway, it is important to note that it will charge the
credit card immediately upon adding the deposit. You have the ability to refund payments individually on a layaway ticket.

9. When you collect the final deposit on a layaway order equal to the remaining balance due you will see the "Add Deposit" button has changed to a "Complete" button. You will select that to complete the layaway and close the ticket.

That's all there is to it! You have successfully completed a layaway.

Finding an existing layaway

To lookup an existing layaway to add a deposit, you will start out in the POS. From there click the ☰ button in the top left corner and select Find Ticket. You will then need to change the first dropdown box to show Layaways. In the search box you can either enter the customers name, or the layaway ticket number from the receipt.

Once you find the correct layaway, you can select it to resume the ticket. At this point you can add deposits or refund a deposit and void out the ticket if the customer has canceled their order.

Another way to find the ticket is from the Dashboard. Select Sales in the top navigation menu, then Tickets. Change the dropdown to "Any Status" and searching for the customer name or ticket number.

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