Heartland Retail customers using the iPad as their POS stations can now take advantage of electronic signature. Here's everything you need to know about how to use it:

You can turn on electronic signature on the Settings > Payment page.

With electronic signature turned on, credit card transactions that are completed in the iPad POS app will result in this page:

Note: For a good experience at the POS, we recommend using an iPad stand that allows you to swivel it around so that it can face the customer when they are checking out. If you're using the iPad stand recommended, you should be all set.

Once the customer signs their name and clicks the "Accept" button, you're all done!

Additionally, at a later time, you'll be able to view the electronic signature on the completed ticket on the Sales > Tickets page:

If you need to print a copy of the receipt with a signature included (in the event of a chargeback), there's a print button available on the Sales > Tickets page that will allow you to print a copy of the receipt that's ready to go.

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