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Viewing the cash drawer activity log
Viewing the cash drawer activity log
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If you would like to see a detailed log of all activity that has happened in a cash drawer, such as opening and closing balances, or past cash drawer discrepancies, you should follow these steps to get to the Cash Drawer Activity Log:

1. Click on the Settings link in the top navigation menu.

2. Click the "Locations" link on the side menu.

3. Select the location that has the cash drawer you would like to view.

This will take you to a page listing all of the information about that specific location. At the bottom you will see three tabs that say "Users," "Stations," and "Cash Drawers." Select the "Cash Drawers" tab, then select the drawer you would like to view by clicking on the number link.

This will take you to the cash drawer's Info tab.

Next, click on the "Activity Log" tab at the top to view the history of the cash drawer. This page shows a detailed history of the cash drawer including the expected balance, actual count, any cash variance, and deposits made that day.

Anyone who has the "Manage locations, stations and drawers" permission will have access to this activity log. The information reported in the Activity Log is submitted each time a user opens and closes a drawer in the POS.

For more information about how to open/close a cash drawer, please check out this article.

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