If you’re using our credit card processing integration, you will see that credit card payments are charged as soon as they are added to a POS ticket, even if that ticket is not yet complete. 

Because of that, you will see alerts throughout the system reminding you if you are navigating away from a ticket or have left a ticket on hold with a completed payment. This is because even though the payment is complete, the ticket still needs to be completed for it to be counted in your sales for the day.

If you try to leave the POS without completing a ticket with a completed payment, you will receive this message:

If you have left a ticket on hold with a payment attached to it, you will see an alert reminding you of this on your sales dashboard:

The last two areas you will see an alert for this will be when you close your drawer and on the daily summary. This is to remind you to complete any tickets that have payments on them so that they will be included in your sales for the day:

You may also see unresolved payment alerts if your credit card processing terminal and Heartland Retail experience a communication failure during a POS transaction. Take a look at this article for more information on that: how-to-automatically-resolve-an-unresolved-payment-in-the-pos

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