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How to handle store credits in Heartland Retail using gift cards
How to handle store credits in Heartland Retail using gift cards
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The way to handle store credits in Heartland Retail is to process customer returns by issuing a refund to a gift card. Customers can treat that gift card like cash and use it to pay for future purchases in the store.

Please see this related article for more information about how to use and manage plastic gift cards that work with Heartland Retail.

To issue a return to a gift card, complete the following steps:

Start your return by clicking the "Return" button on a previously completed transaction, or, on a new ticket, add the item(s) being returned and set the quantities of those items to -1.

A return line on a ticket will be highlighted in red, indicating the quantity is being returned to the store:

Once you are ready to complete the return, click the green "Tender" button:

On the payment popup, enter the gift card number you are returning the funds to and click the Lookup button.

Then, click the "Add Refund" button:

Once you have added the refund, the gift card will show up as a line on the ticket and the "Complete" button will appear at the bottom of the ticket.

Click the "Complete" button to complete the transaction and add the funds to the gift card.

What if I don't have plastic gift cards?

You don't necessarily need to have plastic gift cards to use the gift cards feature in Heartland Retail, but we strongly recommend it. If you don't use plastic gift cards, we'd recommend that you maintain a record of all gift cards issued (either in a spreadsheet or on paper) so that you have any easy way to look them up when the customer returns to the store.

Also, as long as you add the customer's name to the return prior to completing it, you'll be able to look up the gift card number that was issued to them in their customer history.
Card Market is the preferred gift card provider for Heartland Retail. You can order directly using this link or you can contact Julie Fields from Card Market directly at 615-861-3282 or

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