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Create grid templates for size ranges and faster grid creation
Create grid templates for size ranges and faster grid creation
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If you find yourself often creating grids with the same dimensions (and in particular, the same size ranges), you may want to consider creating a grid template for an even faster way to create items.

To create a new Grid Template follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to "Settings" in the top navigation menu and select "Grid Templates" on the left hand side.

  2. Click the "New" button.

  3. Type in a Description. You'll see this grid description each time you create a new grid, so you'll want to name it something that clearly tells you which dimensions are on the grid (e.g. "2D Size(XS-XL)/Color" or "1D Size (S-L)" or "2D Size (00-14)/Color").

  4. Select the number of dimensions the grid has in the grid type dropdown.

  5. Select a field for each Dimension and enter in all applicable values. For a dimension that typically has the same values (e.g. Size), you may want to enter in the values so they auto-populate when you create a grid. For a dimension that is different every time you create a grid (e.g. Color), you may want to leave the values blank. The first dimension will be placed vertical, down the side, of your grid and the second dimension will be placed horizonally, across the top of your grid. If you have a third dimension, it too will be placed vertically within the first dimension in your grid.

  6. Click Save

Now, when you create a new grid you will see your grid template as an option under the "grid type" dropdown

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