Processing a Return
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This document outlines the procedure for returning items in Heartland Retail POS.

Processing a Return

Returns are processed in the same way as a sale and can be returned against a previous sale ticket.

  1. From the POS - Click the “Menu” button (the button with the three lines on the top left corner of the screen) to open the left menu panel.

  2. Click the “Find Ticket” button on the left menu panel.

  3. Search for the original transaction by ticket number or customer name

  4. Click the “Return” button.

  1. To return each item on the ticket, change the quantity from “0” to “-1.” The ticket line will automatically turn red to indicate that the item is being returned.

You can also use the “Switch to Return” function located in the dropdown menu to the left of the item on the ticket line.

  1. When you have finished returning items to the ticket, click the “Tender” button to process the customer refund.

You have the option to issue the return with a tendering method that is different from the original payment.

  1. When you have finished adding payments to the ticket, click the “Complete” button to complete the return.

Once the ticket is completed, a receipt will print and the return will be processed.

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