Ringing in a sale in the POS
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To ring in a ticket in the Heartland Retail POS follow, these simple steps: 

  1. In Heartland Retail's Dashboard, click the "Point of Sale" link in the top navigation menu. You are now in the POS.

2. Click “Sales Rep” and enter your name or Sales Associate number. A ticket number will then be assigned to the ticket.

3. Add the customer's name to the ticket by clicking the “Add Customer” button found on the top of the page, to the right of the sales rep button. Here you can select the customer from the database or add them in by clicking the “Add Customer” button in the customer pop-up window.

4. You can now scan the items into the “Scan item here...” field with a barcode scanner or you can manually enter the item by clicking the “Find” button and selecting an item from the search window.

5. When you have finished adding items to the ticket, click the green "Tender" button at the bottom of the ticket. You will be prompted to add payment. You can select from credit card (insert chip card, swipe or manual entry), cash, check, or gift card.

You may also split tender on the same ticket with multiple payment types. (e.g. If a customer has a $253.63 transaction while paying $100 in cash with the rest using a credit card, select Cash and tender $100, then the remaining balance will show - $153.63 - you can then run the customers card for the remainder).

6. When you have finished adding payments to the ticket, click the "Complete" button at the bottom of the screen to complete the transaction.

7. Once the ticket is completed, a receipt will print. You can also email the receipt.

Congratulations, you have completed a ticket!

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