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How do I delete an item off of an open Purchase Order
How do I delete an item off of an open Purchase Order
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Now that you have gone through these steps to create a purchase order and it is open, this is your acknowledgment to the vendor that you have placed an order for the merchandise. However, you have just found out from your vendor that you will no longer be receiving some of the items on the order. Below, I will show you the proper changes to be made to keep your order open and accurate!

Editing Your Open Purchase Order

When your purchase order is in a pending state, the item lines can be deleted. When the order is “Open,” you will instead close the item lines on the order. 

Follow the steps below:

  1. Select the box next to the item number that you wish to close out.

  1. Select, “Close Selected Items” next to the “Print labels” option

  2. A prompt from Heartland Retail will appear as seen below:

     4. Select, “Yes” to close the item line.

     5. Even though you will continue to see the product lines on the order, they will be        greyed out and able to view as what you did have on order.

     6. You are all set! Below is a look at what your updated purchase order now looks        like!

Please reach out to if you have any more questions!

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