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How to Create a Simple "Top Customers" Report
How to Create a Simple "Top Customers" Report
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This article will outline the best process for creating a simple report that will allow you identify your top spending customers. Before running this report, it will be helpful to browse through your customer database to see if any needs to be merged. You can find out how to do that here.

Once you are ready to generate the report, head over to Reporting>>Analysis. You will start by adding the following metrics:

  1. Source Sales>>Net Sales

  2. Source Sales>>Net Qty Sold

  3. Source Sales>>Gross Margin

  4. Source Sales>># of Tickets

You can run the report with only net sales, but for example's sake, these are our recommended metrics for analyzing customer data. Once you have finished adding metrics, hop over to the "groups" tab and add the following:

  1. Customer>>#

  2. Customer>>First Name

  3. Customer>>Last Name

  4. Customer>>Email

Once you have set up your groups and metrics, go to the filters tab and select your date range.  In this example, it is "last month"

Once the data populates, sort the data by the "Net-Sales."  This will give you a list of all your customers based on how much they have spent in your store.  You top result may be "no customer"  - which would be the total sales that were rung in with no customer profile attached. 

This basic report will help you begin to analyze your data by customer.  Once you have this built, you could filter it by location, vendor, or even items - to see who the top customers may be in different areas.

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