Deposits Collected vs Deposits Relieved

Viewing Deposits in Your Daily Summary

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The Daily Summary in Heartland Retail is home to vital bits of information regarding the payments made in your point of sale each day by location and station. This includes your online station as well. Two important points of data in this summary are: Deposits Collected and Deposits Relieved. 

Deposits Collected on a Sales Order
Once payment is collected on a Sales Order, Heartland Retail records these funds in the Daily Summary as Deposits Collected. See below.


The location from which the item is being shipped out of will receive an alert to fulfill and invoice this sales order. Upon completion, the amount prepaid for the sales order will show up as Deposits Relieved in that store location as well as be added to your Net Location Sales for the day. For more information about Source sales and Location sales, view here.

Deposits Collected on a Layaway
If you understand the deposits collected and relieved with a sales order, a layaway will be easy! After starting a layaway ticket, a charge to your client will be recorded in Heartland Retail and will be reflected in Deposits Collected. Once you have collected total funds for the layaway ticket and complete the transaction, these funds will be reflected in your Deposits Relieved as well as Net Location Sales.

Your sales are now recorded and in the books!

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