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Test Drive Roadmap: Custom Reports
Test Drive Roadmap: Custom Reports

Create any report you want!

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Heartland Retail’s reporting is in real time! We provide some out of the box reports, already set up for you. But the real power of Heartland Retail is that you can alter reports or filter the data you collect in any way you like and create the reports that are meaningful to you! Using Heartland Retail’s reporting feature will help you grow your sales and allow you to be more profitable.

View a ‘saved’ report. Go to REPORTING > SAVED REPORTS. Click on the report ‘CUSTOMERS - TOP SPEND (LAST MONTH)’. Scroll down to see the report. Notice how this retailer has defined ‘top spend’ as Sales $, Margin %, # of items, and  # of tickets. Click on the ‘Gross Margin’ column to sort by margin as opposed to net sales. Scroll up and notice the 7 tabs that exist on all reports (Filters, Metrics, Groups, etc.)

☐ Create a Simple Report

Go to REPORTING > ANALYSIS. Let’s build a simple report that will show your best-sellers over time. Set the following report parameters:

Filter Tab: Date Range: Choose ‘Last 12 Months”

Groups Tab:
Choose ‘Item >> Description’

Metrics Tab:
Source Sales >> Net Sales
Source Sales >> Net Qty Sold

Sort Tab:
Source Sales >> Net Sales >> Descending

Now you have a report of item sales over your specified time period. The best sellers are at the top! To see your worst performing items, change the sort order to Ascending. You can also modify this report to include other metrics, like Gross Sales. Or report on categories instead of individual items by changing your selection under Groups. Don’t forget to SAVE.

☐ Share a Report

Find the report you saved and export it to pdf. Or copy the URL and paste that right into an email and send it to whomever you choose! 

** TIP** If there is a report you run everyday, you can set the filter to ‘yesterday’ and save that report URL right on your computer (or smartphone). With a click of a button you can easily access and run that report from anywhere, at anytime.


Heartland Retail’s Sales Dashboard gives you quick access to the metrics that matter most. Go to SALES > DASHBOARD. Change the location. Change the dates. You can access Heartland Retail Retail via your Smartphone and get to this powerful real time reporting tool — from anywhere at any time.

☐ View Sales Dashboard

** TIP** You can use permissions (under roles) and locations (under the user) to give employees different levels of access to the Sales Dashboard.

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