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Test Drive Roadmap: Order Management
Test Drive Roadmap: Order Management

Easily create and track special orders.

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Your retail customer may want a certain item. The product might be in another location, need to be special ordered, or may still be on PO and hasn’t yet arrived in store. 

A Sales Order (which becomes an invoice once the order is filled) is used for items that are not in the store the customer is in. Here is why you use a sales order instead of a POS ticket. Order Management alerts tell you when you have new orders and tells a store when they have an order to pick and fill!

☐ Create a Sales Order

Go to SALES > ORDERS and click ‘New’. Create a Sales Order

You will pick the location that you want to fill the order (distribute the order). You can distribute items on a sales order to one or multiple locations, depending on whether the items on order will come from different locations. Next, a store will fulfill the order

☐ Fulfill an Order

Go to SALES > ORDERS. Click ‘Fulfill”. Choose your location and then choose an order to fulfill by clicking INVOICE. Next, scan or enter the items to be received, click complete. You can print an invoice from this screen.

** TIP** Split a Sales Order to Multiple Locations: Once item(s) on a Sales Order are fulfilled, an invoice is created. You can have multiple invoices for one sales order if the items on the order are filled at different times and/or from different locations. This allows you to split an order when a customer wants items that are in different places! 

** TIP** See Sales Order Alerts: Go to Sales > Dashboard. Make sure your location is set to ‘all locations’’. Look at the sales dashboard ‘Alerts’. You will be alerted when an order needs to be distributed or when it is ready to be filled. 

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