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Test Drive Roadmap: Purchasing & Receiving
Test Drive Roadmap: Purchasing & Receiving

Learn how to create, manage and receive POs

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You can enter Purchase Orders in Heartland Retail from any location, at any time. Think of the flexibility to be able to enter POs from on the road (maybe while at market, while visiting a vendor, or from home!)  End ship dates allow for overdue PO reporting so you can contact vendors to easily cancel, or ask for a discount on overdue items. You can report on pending POs (those that you are still working on) — this is unique to Heartland Retail and will help analyze purchasing before placing orders! You can also do partial receivings against a PO, multiple receivings against a PO, and create a PO that is to be allocated to multiple locations.

☐ Create a Purchase Order

Go to PURCHASING > ORDERS and notice the status feature, pending, open, overdue, canceled, and closed.

Select ‘New’. Notice that you can use your own numbering or naming convention or let Heartland Retail create a PO # for you. Complete the fields you see on the PO header. As soon as you enter the PO header info and hit ‘save’, you can add the items that exist in Heartland Retail to the PO. 

Open the PO. You can’t receive against a PO unless it is open. Open means the order has been finalized or acknowledged by the vendor. Notice that the status of a PO goes from Pending (you are creating or still altering the PO) to Open (you can now receive product against the PO) to Closed (All items that will be received, have been received).


When product arrives at your door, you will receive the quantity into Heartland Retail. Completing a ‘receipt’ is what adds the product quantities to your inventory. You will receive against a PO. You can do partial (or multiple) receivings against one PO. 

☐ Receive a Purchase Order

Go to PURCHASING > RECEIPTS and click ‘New’.

Find or ‘set’ the PO# you are receiving against - use the one you created above. Click SAVE.

** TIP** If you don’t see a PO under the ‘set’ pop up - check that the PO is in the status ‘open’ (you can’t receive against a pending PO) and also confirm the ‘to be received at location’ on a PO. These are controls to ensure you are adding the approved inventory to the correct location. 

You can scan the items or ‘find’ the items to add them to the PO. Note, you can print labels directly from a PO. Once you have your items added to the receipt, hit complete and the items will be added to your inventory. 

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