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Test Drive Roadmap: Customers
Test Drive Roadmap: Customers

Using the CRM is easy and intuitive.

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Managing and leveraging customer data is a key way to build engagement and loyalty. Heartland Retail allows you to collect and report on any data you want. Add a new customer one at a time or via importing a customer list

☐ Add a Customer (outside of the POS)

Go to SALES > CUSTOMERS and click ‘New”. Complete the fields you see. If there are fields you won’t use or fields you think are missing, remember to go to Settings > Custom Fields to manage the fields. Hit save and, congratulations, you have created a customer

** TIP** You can merge duplicate customers to keep you customer list clean and, with the correction permissions, Export A List Of Existing Customers. You can also use custom fields on the customer record to run a list of all customers with a Birthday next month so you can email them and invite them to stop in your store! 


Seeing your customer’s history and habits from within the POS, at a glance, gives your team the opportunity to make strong selling suggestions and ultimately to sell more to the customers. 

☐ View the Customer Dashboard

You can easily add a customer to a POS ticket, but let’s check out a Customer Dashboard

Go to SALES > CUSTOMERS or, from within the POS, add a customer to a ticket. Then click on a customer name to find the dashboard. 

  • Check out the key metrics on this customer’s spending versus your average customer

  • See the ‘notes’ section on the right? Add a note, like “Gloria’s daughter’s name is Kathy”. You can ‘star’ and delete notes - try it! 

  • The 3 lists and 3 pie charts are customizable in the back office, under ‘Settings > Reporting’, so you can customize the data that you want your sales team to see.

  • History Tab. This provides you with a searchable, chronological list of all of the customer's POS tickets. 

  • Info Tab. You can enter or alter the customer’s information on this tab. 

  • Order tab. This is a list of the customers sales orders including online and special orders

  • Make sure you check out this video on selling more with the Customer Dashboard! 

** TIP** You can customize the customer dashboard via Settings > Reporting.

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