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Test Drive Roadmap: Point of Sale
Test Drive Roadmap: Point of Sale

Time to ring up a sale!

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Click on ‘Point of Sale’, via the top menu bar. You may be asked to select a station. Go ahead and select Boston > Station 1.

You will land in the POS. You can easily add a customer and a sales rep to the ticket, and also sell a gift card. You can take a deposit on a layaway, split tenders, give credit for the sale to another location, and enter a ‘sales order’ for a pre-sale, special order, or an item located in another location. 

Click the three horizontal bars (upper left) to open/close the POS menu. Open it and take a look at the additional features in the POS. See the ‘jump to dashboard’ towards the bottom of the POS menu? That is how you get out of the POS and into the back office. 

☐ Make a Sale

Create a ticket. Click new ticket. Type your name in the Sales Rep field. Add a customer to the ticket. See the ticket number? That means you have created a ticket! 

Add item to a ticket. You can scan the item you want to sell or click ‘find’ to locate your newly created item. Take a look around. Click on the item price, click on the arrow to the left of the item and/or Check the box next to the item.

Complete the sale. Now hit tender and select ‘cash’ as your tender type. Enter the cash amount. Hit ‘add payment’. When you are ready, hit complete. 

Email the receipt. In the next screen you will see lots of receipt options, choose email and send it to yourself! (If you get a printer error pop up it’s because you are not connected to a printer, just X out of that screen.)

** TIP** In Heartland Retail you cannot create items on the fly while in the POS. 

☐ Make a Return

Find the original sales ticket. In the POS, click the three horizontal bars (upper left) to expose the POS menu. Select the ‘find ticket’ button. Your last sale will be listed. Select the ticket number and select the ‘Return’ button at the bottom. (You can also search by ticket number or scan via the receipt’s barcode.)

Add item to the return. When you are on the original ticket, find (or the scan) the item you want to return. You can also add a ‘-1’ next to the item that is being returned and hit enter. (Note that the price the item was sold at auto populates. What a nice control that is!)

Tender, Email and Complete. Now hit tender and select the refund payment type. Try the gift card option (this is used to issue a store credit for a return). Enter any gift card number to add the amount to it. Hit ‘add payment’. Then hit complete.  

Voila, a return, too, is that easy!

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