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Test Drive Roadmap: Items

Let's add a new item!

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Adding an item is easy! You already learned you can customize fields at the item level. You can also have multiple, scannable UPC/barcodes for an item, and add item images that are viewable at the POS and in reporting. 

Let’s look around...

Click on INVENTORY > ITEMS. You’ll see your item list

  • Search for the item “Allen Sweater”

  • Check the box next to any item, you can now print a barcode label

  • Check 2 boxes and you can merge duplicate items

  • You can customize the item columns on this page too 

  • Click on any Allen Sweater’s item number to view the item record

  • Check out the four tabs at the top and the three tabs at the bottom 

  • Notice the ‘Inventory History’ Tab and the ‘Grid Inventory’ Tab? 

Let’s add an item...

☐ Add a New Item (How about: Super Slacks)

Click ‘NEW” and add “Super Slacks” to ‘Description.’ Here is some additional information on creating an item, including which fields are required and which are not. Complete the remaining fields. Notice your custom field “Season” is here. Click save and, congratulations, you have created an item

This is just one way to create items. You can also import items or generate items via a grid.

** TIP** If there are fields you won’t use or fields you think are missing on the item record, remember to go to Settings > Custom Fields to manage the fields. 

** TIP** You can always upload your items from a excel or CSV file. If you need a template for that, we have that too!. Simply, go to INVENTORY > ITEMS > IMPORT. Click the download excel file. Open it up in excel to see the empty import template — notice that this is customized for your custom fields!

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