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Test Drive Roadmap
Test Drive Roadmap Overview
Test Drive Roadmap Overview

Follow this itinerary and you'll find navigating Heartland Retail easy!

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We designed this roadmap to give you an easy to follow itinerary for your Heartland Retail Test Drive. You may be ready to navigate on your own, but if you’d feel more comfortable with a co-pilot then we’re here to help. That being said, if you haven’t already done so, we highly recommend a personalized tour of Heartland Retail with our retail consultants - fill out this form to book a consultation!

As you begin, we want you to keep a few things in mind while you're in the software:

  1. Click away!  You can’t hurt anything, so enjoy exploring.

  2. Search!  It’s an easy way to find anything using this feature.

  3. Play!  Make this test drive your own. Create new items, customers, promotions…

  4. Ask!  If you have a question or can’t figure something out, ask us in the chat box.

  5. Customize!  It’s a Heartland Retail strength that we know you’ll love! 

Also, remember our Help Center has hundreds of articles that will provide you with in depth tutorials on everything you can do in Heartland Retail.

Handy Roadmap Checklist: Try each of these items and you’ll become a Heartland Retail Pro! We'll walk you through each item. 

Let's get started!

☐ Add a New Location
☐ Add a New Role
☐ Add a New User
☐ Add a Custom Field

☐ Add a New Item

Point of Sale
☐ Make a Sale
☐ Make a Return

Customer Engagement
☐ Add a Customer
☐ View the Customer Dashboard

Customer Loyalty
☐ Check out a Promotion Rule
☐ Create a Coupon

Purchasing & Receiving
☐ Create a Purchase Order
☐ Receive a Purchase Order

Order Management
☐ Create a Sales Order
☐ Fulfill an Order

Inventory Management
☐ Make an Inventory Adjustment

Custom Reports
☐ Create a Simple Report
☐ Share a Report
☐ View the Sales Dashboard

Importing Data
☐ Learn how to import and map fields

You’ve crossed the finish line! Do you have questions? Ready for the next step? 

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