PO Allocation

Allocated purchase orders allow you to streamline the entry of purchase orders for delivery to multiple stores.

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*This is an Enterprise feature, please contact hretailsale@heartland.us for more information.

When you create purchase orders you can now allocate the items you are going to receive by location. Upon receipt, Heartland Retail will auto-generate transfer requests that will trigger alerts on the sales dashboard. This is perfect for retailers handling the receiving in of merchandise in a centralized location and transferring inventory out to the selected stores.

PO Allocation overview

When you create a new purchase order, you will need to select a "Receive at location," which is where the inventory is being physically received. You will also see an option that allows you to select whether or not the PO is allocated. When you flip the switch to say "Yes," you will then be able to choose which locations the order should be allocated to.

After selecting the locations in which the order should be allocated, begin adding items. For items that are in a grid, you will see an option to "Allocate by grid" in which you can specify how many of each item are going to each location.

Additionally, if you've assigned reorder points and target quantities to items within the item profile you can select the Auto-Add button to automatically add the designated qty to the PO for each store.

You can click on the Open QTY number link next to each line item to view and edit the allocation for individual items.

For items not tied to a grid, the user will be prompted to enter quantities for each location after selecting the items and clicking "Add Selected Lines," as shown below:

Once all items are added, select "Open" on the purchase order. This will allow you to move onto the next step of receiving the order.

Receiving the Order

Once the merchandise arrives, you will create a purchasing receipt. This article will walk you through how to receive purchase orders.

After the merchandise is received, the receiving location will notice an alert for transfer requests that are "Awaiting Pick." Transfers will be automatically created based on the allocations you set on the order, as shown below:

Clicking the "Go to the list" link will take you to the list of transfer requests that have been generated for this order:

From here, you can pack and ship the merchandise out to the stores. Take a look at this article for more information on transfer requests.

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