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Creating detailed markdown reports.
Creating detailed markdown reports.

Build a detailed report that breaks down markdowns by promotion, coupon or manual price adjustment name.

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There are many different types of discounts or markdowns in Heartland Retail: promotions, coupons, manual price adjustments taken at the POS and permanent markdowns (where you have marked down the Current Price of an item to be lower than its Original Price.)

You may want to use discount reporting to see the effectiveness of a promotion or coupon, or you may just want to keep an eye on manual price adjustments at the POS. Here's how you can do that:

First, head into Reporting > Analysis and add the "Sale Transaction >> Discount Name" group on the "Groups" tab your report. Next, on the "Metrics" tab in reporting, add the "Net Markdowns" metric to the report.

Note: when building this report, we recommend you remove all other metrics. The markdowns report works best when you do not include sales metrics on it, since you can't group sales by Discount Name.

You'll then see a report that looks like this:

The report will break down all markdowns taken in the period by discount name. You'll see price adjustments by reason and promotions/coupons grouped by name.

If you want to take a deeper dive, you can add additional item and ticket # detail, as shown here:

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