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How do I add service costs to a sales ticket?
How do I add service costs to a sales ticket?
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Heartland Retail does not handle non-inventory items. These include repair charges, tailoring, and for the animal friendly out there, grooming! For this action, we recommend you generate an item called, “Service Charge” and sell it via the point of sale.

How do I do this?

To get started, select “Inventory” in the top menu bar>> “Items”>>”New.” Here, you will name the item, “Service Charge” so it is easy for you to search and add to the ticket; set the default cost to $0.00. Heartland Retail will request a “Current Price” but because you do not have a set price as the cost of the selected service is not definite, click on the “Options” tab for the item and turn the ‘Prompt for Price at Time of Sale’ toggle to “Yes.” 

If you want to view the cost incurred against the sale, Heartland Retail has an additional feature in the options tab that will calculate this for you! This can be done by turning the ‘Calculate Margin Dynamically Based on Percentage,’ toggle to “Yes” as shown in the picture above. You can now view this data on your dashboard!

If you have any questions, please reach out to Heartland Retail support through the in-app chat!

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