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F.A.Q. - Integrations - What is Marsello?
F.A.Q. - Integrations - What is Marsello?

3rd Party API Integration

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What is Marsello?


Marsello is a certified 3rd Party partner Omnichannel loyalty & marketing software solution that works with the Heartland Retail Point of Sale software.
Marsello is the all-in-one marketing platform, seamlessly integrated with Heartland Retail for growing businesses that sell in-store and online.

Marsello gives businesses everything they need for loyalty and marketing in one place, keeping it simple, while providing more targeted, timely, and effective marketing throughout the entire customer journey.

By integrating with Heartland Retail and your eCommerce platform, Marsello allows the user to deliver a seamless experience for their customers and provides accurate closed-loop attribution so you can really understand and grow their Marketing ROI.

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