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F.A.Q. - Integrations - What is QuickBooks Online?
F.A.Q. - Integrations - What is QuickBooks Online?

3rd Party API Integration

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What is QuickBooks Online?


QuickBooks Online is a certified 3rd Party partner Accounting software that works with the Heartland Retail Point of Sale software. The QuickBooks Online API allows the user to easily track money coming in and out of the business. The user can see how much money people owe the business – and how much money the business owes others. The QuickBooks online software also allows the user to receive a visual breakdown of their small business’s financial picture with just a single glance.

During tax season, many small business owners provide their accountant with a read-only login to their QuickBooks Online account. This lets the accountant view, measure, and submit QuickBooks data in preparation for tax season.

What does QuickBooks online do?

  • Basic accounting

  • Invoicing

  • Reporting

Note: Heartland Retail POS Support is not an accredited accounting firm. Any discrepancies between the reporting from the point of sale software and QuickBooks MUST be reviewed by a licensed accountant. Support will only assist the user with verifying that the account information is mapped properly.

Note: Heartland Retail POS does not sync with the QuickBooks Desktop application.

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