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F.A.Q. - What is a Grid?
F.A.Q. - What is a Grid?
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What is a Grid and why are they useful for retailers?


Heartland Retail’s inventory gridding features allow the user the ability to create one, two, or three-dimensional grids for any type of item the user sells. When there are several items that are part of the same family but have different attributes (e.g., colors, sizes, etc.), the user can create a grid to link them together. By creating item families it is easier to see the whole inventory group and their on-hand values both in the POS and in reporting.

Why are Grids useful?

If the user wants to create a family of items more quickly: By creating a grid with multiple dimensions (e.g. Color and Size), the Heartland Retail POS user can quickly generate all items that are part of the grid in a single click.

If the user wants that item in another size? In the store or from the back office, the user can view the inventory details of the entire grid in a single view across all locations.

Want to buy items by grid? When the user creates a purchase order, it is possible to enter the grid view and select items to add to the PO from a grid.

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